Advertise with Beyond Celiac

Advertise with Beyond Celiac

There is no better time to consider becoming a sponsoring partner of Beyond Celiac, formerly known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). We’re busy as bees preparing for a series of exciting events that will raise awareness of celiac disease, facilitate research and promote the growth of gluten-free businesses.

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Why Beyond Celiac?

  • Beyond Celiac currently has one of the largest databases of celiac disease patients in the United States.
  • We have a diverse constituency of more than half a million people who follow our work.
  • More than 140,000 have already connected with us through an active social networking community through our presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Our website is viewed an average 40,000 times every day by people who are looking for information, products and services related to celiac disease and the gluten-free lifestyle.

We invite you to partner with us in expanding your reach by sponsoring Beyond Celiac and our activities.

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Advertise with Beyond Celiac

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