May is Celiac Awareness Month and we’re celebrating by raising much-needed funds to accelerate celiac disease research! Celiac disease is serious and affects an estimated 3 million Americans, but many people still don’t know about it. Now is a chance to educate and enlist the support of our family and friends to help find a cure for this serious autoimmune disease!

4 Easy Ways to Get Involved this Celiac Awareness Month


Did you know that most people need to see a message seven times to remember it? As we encourage every year, take time this Celiac Awareness Month to reflect on how celiac disease may be an invisible illness in your life and share our videos, infographics, or website with anyone who may benefit from knowing even just a little more about the hidden truths of living with celiac disease. The more you share celiac disease info on your feed, the more you’ll help raise awareness. Social media is an amazing way to educate. The average person has 338 friends on Facebook; sharing links and info with your friends can help spread the word quickly!


Celiac Disease Infographics:

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Infographic: Celiac Disease at a Glance Invisible Illness Infographic Preview

Research News Stories: 

Every day, researchers are working to get a better understanding of celiac disease and its various presentations. Ongoing research is also exploring potential drug treatments for celiac disease. Read and share the stories on our Research News Feed.

There’s No Cure Without U Videos:

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Seriously, Celiac Disease Video:

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Each year, individual people like you raise a total of $1.45 billion in support of something they believe in. Research takes money and every dollar counts. Do something fun this Celiac Awareness Month to raise money for research. There are countless of ways to do so: Start a Facebook Fundraiser, direct your birthday gifts to Beyond Celiac, walk a 5K, throw a party, start an individual giving page in honor of a friend or family member that has celiac disease or who supports you. There are a million easy ways to raise money for celiac disease that can fit into your life.

Start a Facebook Fundraiser or Donate Directly to Beyond Celiac!


500,000: That’s the number of people diagnosed with celiac disease who have a story that can provide the clues that could lead to a treatment and cure. This year, we launched a unique online community, Go Beyond Celiac, that collects and compiles these stories from people with celiac disease and their caregivers about their journeys before, during and after diagnosis. Together, we can ensure that researchers understand our community’s concerns so they find solutions that meet our needs, and ultimately, find a cure. Every story shared brings us one step closer to a cure.

Sign up today at Go.BeyondCeliac.org


Step Beyond Celiac is a fun run/walk event for the entire family! Currently held in three cities across the US (Kansas City, Philadelphia and Dallas), Step Beyond Celiac 5Ks raise funds to support the Beyond Celiac research efforts and help the organization develop a global patient registry of people diagnosed with celiac disease who want to participate in research studies, including clinical trials.


Learn more and register for races here (including our Virtual Walk that can be participated in from anywhere!)



Celiac Disease is a Monster

If you have celiac disease, you know it’s a monster. Its legions are some of the most common foods in the modern diet. Its secret weapon is gluten, a protein in wheat, barley and rye. The effects can be devastating: Anemia, anxiety, infertility, poor nutrient absorption, osteoporosis, increased risk of diabetes and cancer. It’s time we mount a counter attack. The strategy is simple. We will learn the secrets of celiac disease and use the information to defeat it. You have a story to tell that could hold the clues to a cure! Your story, along with the stories of thousands like you of what it’s like to live with celiac disease will help us tame it, treat it, and eventually cure it. Every story will bring us closer to a cure.

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What Would a Cure Mean for You?

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