Is It Gluten-Free?

Is It Gluten-Free?

With gluten hiding in so many places, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about the gluten-free diet. Beyond Celiac has the answers to the most commonly asked questions about living gluten-free. Have questions that aren’t answered here? Post it on our Facebook page or submit it to our Answers from a Dietitian blog.

The following material is for basic informational purposes and refers to the food/ingredient itself, and does not include when it may be used in recipes, processed foods, or in potential cross-contamination situations. Always read labels carefully, ask questions, and refer to a medical professional, nutritionist, or a product’s or food’s manufacturer for further clarification on ingredients and manufacturing practices.

Despite popular belief, it is possible for safe food to be made in a shared facility, if safe manufacturing processes are put into place. (Learn more about the myth that it’s not possible to safely manufacture gluten-free food in a facility that also processes gluten-containing food.)

YES: It’s Gluten-Free

NO: It’s Not Gluten-Free

MAYBE: It Might Be Gluten-Free