Gluten-Free in College Student Toolkit

Gluten-Free in College Student Toolkit

Prepare for a gluten-free college experience

Prepping for college can be stressful enough, even without a gluten-free diet thrown in the mix. Beyond Celiac compiled resources for new and current students, both newly diagnosed and gluten-free diet pros, to give students a one-stop-shop to make the transition easier. (Parents, this information will be helpful for you, too!)

Gluten-Free College Student Toolkit

Here’s what’s inside this essential booklet:

  • Finding support on campus
  • Knowing your rights and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Registering with the Office of Disability Services
  • Dorm-friendly gluten-free food
  • When your roommate isn’t gluten-free
  • Label reading
  • Eating gluten-free on a budget
  • Easy gluten-free recipes
  • Additional resources

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Special thanks to Blue Diamond for making this toolkit possible!