Celiac Straight Talk: The Podcast

Celiac Straight Talk: The Podcast

Celiac Straight Talk Podcast LogoLet’s get real about living with celiac disease. The ups, the downs and the temptations.

Beyond Celiac is proud to introduce Celiac Straight Talk, our first-ever podcast series. We’re working with Christopher Snider, our podcast host, to tell your stories about living with a serious genetic autoimmune disease.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love it. Listen now!




Episode 3: Patients Managing Celiac Disease on Their Own

Research shows celiac disease patients are on their own when it comes to care. Most people who get diagnosed with celiac disease don’t go back to their doctor for follow-ups, shows a study done by Beyond Celiac and researchers from Columbia and Vanderbilt universities. Patients manage the diet and deal with whatever symptoms they have without help from healthcare providers. But what are the consequences? Is celiac disease silently doing damage that could lead to other autoimmune conditions? Are patients being deprived of important vitamins and minerals? We examine these topics and look for ways to improve follow-up care.

Episode 2: Cheaters: Walking Away from the Gluten-Free Diet

Episode 1: The Elusive Celiac Disease Diagnosis